Prison profiteers drive detention of immigrants

By Fred Goldstein, published April 22, 2015

The U.S. prison system is more and more becoming a profit center for big private corporations. The detention of undocumented immigrants fleeing persecution has become a special source of “profit from misery.”

A new study from “Grassroots Leadership” documents how the largest private prison corporations in the country, the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and the GEO Group, have spent millions of dollars lobbying the Department of Homeland Security committee in the Senate for harsh immigrant detention laws. Together, they run 90 percent of the DHS detention centers.

Slowdown, unemployment plague world capitalism

By Fred Goldstein, published April 16, 2015

The finance ministers of the largest capitalist economies exuded gloom and pessimism at the recent Washington meeting of the G-20. “Six years after tackling the global financial crisis, the world’s top economic policy makers are struggling to exit crisis-management mode and lift growth out of a long-term funk,” wrote the Wall Street Journal on April 19.

The underlying concern was that since the so-called “recovery” began in 2009, the global economy has been in a steady state of slow growth and stagnation.

The International Monetary Fund issued warnings about so-called “emerging markets.” China had its slowest growth in 10 years. Russia is in a recession. Brazil’s growth has slowed to a crawl. Investors are starting to pull their money out of many countries.

Mass protests, boycott specter make anti-LGBTQ laws bad for business

By Fred Goldstein, April 6, 2015

It is rare when the capitalist class openly reveals its relationship to its political servants. But in the cases of the bigoted so-called “religious freedom” laws passed in Indiana and Arkansas, some of the biggest corporations in the U.S. panicked in the face of mass outrage and protests and pressured two right-wing Republican governors to shift course.

Washington finally deals with Iran even as State Dept. reneges on terms

By Fred Goldstein

April 6 — The agreed nuclear framework negotiated between the Iranian government and an unholy alliance of imperialist bandits, in addition to China, must be put in proper perspective.

Whatever the terms of the framework agreement, and whatever the ultimate outcome of the negotiations, the fact is that the imperialist powers have had to sit across the table and agree, in one form or another, to Iran’s right to a nuclear program and to lift the sanctions.

This is a position Washington had refused to accept for 12 years.