Greek deal means more hardship for workers, more money for bankers

By Fred Goldstein

July 20 — The bailout deal signed by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and the European bankers has brought more hardship to the Greek workers, more money to the bankers and shows that electoral politics without vigorous class struggle is a dead end for the working class.

Cutting pensions and raising sales taxes on items needed to survive so that bankers can be paid are a crime against the working class. Yet that has been agreed to by Tsipras and his new-found bourgeois allies: the center-right New Democracy party, the bourgeois social democrats in PASOK and the To Potami party. They made up the votes he needed in Parliament due to defections from the Syriza delegation.

German imperialism and the Greek debt crisis

By Fred Goldstein, March 4, 2015

For five years the European Central Bank, dominated by German finance capital, has engineered bailouts and imposed austerity on Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Italy. And for five years various establishment economists, politicians and pundits in the U.S. like Paul Krugman and James Galbraith have been frustrated and perplexed.

Their complaint? Capitalist Europe is in an economic crisis. Austerity will make the crisis worse. Why don’t the German bankers and the ECB listen to reason? Why pursue such a destructive policy, which harms the economy and causes untold mass suffering?

Stop bankers’ rule in Greece

Mass resistance must say NO!

By Fred Goldstein

July 14 — With a gun to their heads, the leaders of Syriza, headed by Alexis Tsipras, have capitulated to the financial powers of Europe, headed by the German bankers. The terms of the agreement spell even graver hardship for the Greek masses and outright international bankers’ rule over Greece.

This agreement overrides the resounding “No” vote to austerity by the Greek masses in the referendum of July 5. The 61 percent vote against giving in to the bankers showed there is widespread basis for mass resistance.

In rebuff to European financial oligarchy, Greek masses vote ‘No!’ to austerity

By Fred Goldstein

July 6, 4 p.m., EDT — By a vote of 61 percent to 39 percent, the Greek masses have given a resounding rebuff and political setback to the bankers of Europe, including the Greek ruling class.

The people used the referendum, called by the Syriza government on short notice, to tell the leadership of Alexis Tsipras to go back to Brussels and fight austerity. Whether Tsipras will do so or will make unwarranted concessions, as he has done in the past, remains to be seen. But the vote sent shock waves through the offices of the financial predators in Frankfurt, Paris, Brussels, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, Amsterdam and elsewhere throughout Europe.

Bankers aim to strangle Greece, seek capitulation and regime change

By Fred Goldstein

June 30 — As we go to press, rumors of a last-minute attempt by the Syriza government in Athens to ask the euro bankers for a third bailout have been rebuffed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Whatever the outcome, the fundamentals of the Greek situation will remain unchanged. The bankers of Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Rome and Wall Street are trying to extract blood from the Greek masses.

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Athens’ Syntagma Square on June 29 against the terms of the “Troika” — the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Commission. The demonstrators opposed the continuation of debt slavery imposed on Greece by the bankers of Europe.