Trump, the generals and the FBI

By Fred Goldstein, posted February 6, 2018.  

A most remarkable and telling indicator of where the ruling class stands today on the question of war and peace is the widespread acceptance of the Trump administration’s open surrender of civilian control to the military. Three high-ranking generals are his close aides in the White House: National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Chief of Staff John Kelly.

An axiom of imperialist democracy is civilian control over the military. This has never been honored. The military has always been able to make its influence felt in the White House.  But this facade has always been maintained as a matter of doctrine in order to sustain the fiction of U.S. democracy.

And the capitalist media, instead of sounding the alarm about the danger posed by the military, have praised the generals as “the adults in the room” who will restrain Trump.

The ruling class has been silent about Trump’s State of the Union speech. He attacked China and Russia as adversaries and promised to reverse the decades-long policy of weapons limitation with a gigantic nuclear weapons buildup to come. Plans for “modernization” of the nuclear arsenal, begun at the end of the Obama administration, have been greatly expanded by Trump.

Military as a Trump defender

With Donald Trump, the military has attained a goal that it sought for years: a major share of political control at the center of the capitalist government. This occupation of the White House by the military brass is particularly dangerous as the Trump administration lays plans for a military attack on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The achievement of this long-sought goal of the Pentagon has more than just military implications. The three high-ranking generals in the White House have political input on both military and domestic policy. These generals — and the entire military — need Trump. They can count on his bellicose, belligerent bluster to give them cover for their aggressive, expansionary military plans. Furthermore, he is the one who let them in the door and enabled them.

Trump gave them more troops for the battlefields in Afghanistan, Iraq and Africa; more authority to carry out military operations without oversight; full authority to launch drone strikes without having to check with Washington. Above all, he promised them a vast increase in the military budget and authorized a $1.2 trillion nuclear buildup. He has been the arms salesman in chief, making $110 billion in deals for arms to Saudi Arabia.

This dangerous escalation of militarism has gone largely uncriticized in the capitalist media.

The billionaires and bankers in the administration and beyond need Trump. They thrive off his tax cuts, the destruction of corporate and environmental regulations, the giveaways of public lands and the sea coasts to big oil, and the destruction of regulatory agencies. Gary Cohen of Goldman Sachs, head of the National Economic Council; Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin of Goldman Sachs; Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, former CEO of ExxonMobil; and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, a billionaire financier and buyout king — all have circled around Trump to ward off any threats to his presidency.

What does this mean politically for the generals, the Pentagon and the masses? It means Trump’s Wall Street appointees have just as much at stake as the generals in protecting the president.

As of this moment, until Trump’s crisis becomes far more serious, the brass in the White House and beyond will defend him against the Mueller investigation. They will defend his draconian, repressive immigration policies. They will defend his playing with nuclear catastrophe in Korea. They will defend him from anything that undermines his hold on the White House.

Trump vs. the FBI

For example, in Trump’s furious struggle against the FBI, the Justice Department and much of the capitalist establishment, the brass stood with Trump. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray went to appeal to the White House to stop the release of an anti-FBI, anti-Mueller memo drawn up by House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes. The memo was designed to protect Trump from Mueller’s investigation into his relations with Russia. Gen. Kelly met with the two officials and turned them down, telling the public that the President wants the memo out “pretty quick.”

The chief executive of U.S. imperialism, with the consent of his entire administration, together with the Republican Party leadership in the House of Representatives, are in a campaign to discredit the FBI as being partisan against Trump and part of a “deep state” conspiracy.

How should this fight between Trump and the FBI be viewed?

The White House, the chief purveyor of violence, war and reaction on the planet, is at war with the FBI. But the FBI is the supreme capitalist institution of repression and persecution. It is now operating in 70 countries. It is the implacable enemy of the radical movement, liberation organizations and all the oppressed, as well as the unions and other working-class organizations. It has persecuted communists, socialists, anarchists, Black liberation organizations, civil rights organizations and anti-war activists ever since its inception after WWI. The FBI and the Pentagon are twin enemies of the workers and oppressed worldwide.

But the more Trump tries to discredit the FBI and the Justice Department, the more he is accused of violating the “independence of the FBI and the Justice Department.”

Post-Watergate rules and protocols

Why is it that the Trump administration and the Republican Party are being condemned by the anti-Trump press and the Democratic Party for violating long-standing protocols against presidential meddling in the Justice Department and the FBI? Indeed, the Democratic Party has become the staunchest defender of this reactionary spy agency, the political police of the ruling class.

First of all, we must understand what the corporate media and politicians mean by an “independent” FBI and Justice Department.

During the Watergate crisis, Richard Nixon tried to use elements of the CIA and the FBI against the Democratic Party and, in general, against his political opponents. This led to a strong movement in the ruling class and the political establishment to prevent the use of the spy agencies against a president’s political enemies. To make it plain, capitalist democracy was supposed to bar the use of the repressive apparatus by one political faction in the ruling class against its opponents.

The idea of the “independent” FBI and Justice Department meant that the White House was not supposed to communicate with the FBI or the Justice Department except under rare circumstances. For example, when Bill Clinton met with Obama’s attorney general, Loretta Lynch, on the tarmac of a Phoenix airport in June 2016 — while Hillary Clinton was under investigation for using a personal email account as Secretary of State — Lynch had to recuse herself from the investigation. The automatic assumption was that Bill Clinton was trying to influence Lynch in favor of Hillary Clinton. Lynch’s recusal followed protocol.

Trump and military vs. capitalist legality

The fact that Trump is on a crusade to violate bourgeois legality is a matter of concern to the workers and the oppressed. Trump’s crusade is open. The military has its own hatred and contempt for bourgeois democracy — which can stand in their way of launching war and aggression — but they are quiet and act behind the scenes.

Our concern, of course, has nothing to do with defending the FBI or the Justice Department. It is that Trump and the generals’ contempt for bourgeois legality, custom and protocol has been, and will be, turned against the masses, as exemplified by the open attempt to ban Muslims from immigrating to the U.S.

The workers and all the oppressed need to know what’s happening in the ruling-class struggle over the FBI. The Mueller investigation into alleged Russian attempts to influence the elections is a false inquiry, as far as the exploited classes are concerned. The very premise of the investigation is calculated to sow anti-Russian chauvinism and war fever among the population. It is meant to bolster the military buildup, including nuclear weapons.

Trump is trying from the right to overturn all the rules regarding political interference, influence and bourgeois legality — not just in the Mueller investigation but in many spheres. Undocumented workers are kidnapped off the streets by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. Torch-bearing Nazis and Klansmen in Charlottesville, Va., were praised as “good people.” Trump openly rakes in profits from his businesses while he is president and refuses to submit his tax returns.

Trump violates nuclear treaties by commissioning new weapons. He unilaterally pulls out of the Paris Climate Accord. He threatens to tear up the Iran Treaty, which was signed by four imperialist countries plus Russia and China. His mode of operation is to overstep bourgeois norms and violate bourgeois legality in the interest of political reaction.

The only way to stop the anti-working-class lawlessness of Trump and his generals and bankers in the White House is to mobilize the masses in the streets for militant resistance. A place to start would be a massive anti-war struggle demanding “Hands Off Korea” and saying “NO to the nuclear buildup,” which Trump and his military handlers have put on the agenda.

Trump and the ruling class, from Davos to DACA to Mueller

By Fred Goldstein, posted January 29, 2018.

His speech at Davos was an attempt to partially get back into the imperialist fold without backing away completely from his super-power, reactionary, nationalist arrogance. It is dawning on the Trump grouping that he has weakened the entire imperialist camp.

Jan. 29 ― Donald Trump, the racist, bigoted, authoritarian, right-wing chief executive of U.S. imperialism, who is despised by the workers and oppressed masses of the world, was operating on several fronts last week.

Trump went to Davos, Switzerland, to attend a gathering of billionaires and millionaires. The representatives of the European ruling class there played to his ego, flattering him and treating him like an emperor.

At the same time that he was hobnobbing around Davos, rubbing shoulders with fellow members of the ruling class, Trump’s two immigration hawk henchmen, Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly and adviser Stephen Miller, were in Washington working on his proposed draconian, punitive immigration bill, which has been denounced by the immigrant movement as a “white supremacist” hostage bill.

As Trump deplaned in Davos, he was confronted by charges, corroborated by numerous news sources, that he had illegally tried to have Special Counsel Robert Mueller fired last June. His reply: “Fake news.”

Yet the European bankers gave Trump the royal treatment, taking their cue from the Saudi princes who provided a string of musicians to play for him as he entered the conference hall. He was praised by the corporate financiers for his tax cuts and deregulation, which sent their stock prices soaring. Corporate Europe organized a dinner for him with the heads of the top 15 European corporations.

Their goal was to placate Trump enough to keep him from launching an attack on the European imperialists, the European Union and NATO ― customary punching bags for his chauvinist, imperialist arrogance. In this, they largely succeeded. Trump stuck to a mild, 15-minute speech drawn up by his handlers. But he was booed when he went off script and denounced the “lying press.”

Trump took personal credit for the rise in the stock market and the tax cuts. Undoubtedly the parasitic European bondholders were elated. Trump’s key line was “America is open for business,” aimed at enticing European investors to cash in on low tax rates and minimal regulation.

Trump’s Davos speech a sign of weakness

His speech was a muted attempt to partially get back into the imperialist fold without backing away completely from his super-power, reactionary, nationalist arrogance. He tried to assure the audience that “America first does not mean alone.”

It is not that Trump has had some inner conversion from his great-power chauvinism. Rather it is dawning on the Trump camp that by breaking the U.S.-European alliance, he has weakened the entire imperialist camp on both sides of the Atlantic, especially the U.S. side.

The Pentagon needs NATO, along with German and French imperialism, in its struggle to subordinate Russia and to complete the conquest of Ukraine. The Pentagon and the State Department need the collaboration of French and British imperialism in Africa, where both former colonial powers have deep roots. And Trump needs the cooperation of European imperialism if he hopes to undermine the Iran nuclear treaty.

Neither camp is able to deal with the state-planned, socialist side of China’s economic, commercial and diplomatic expansion. China is steadily progressing with its One Belt One Road project to establish an international network of railways, roads, pipelines and utility grids linking China with Central Asia, West Asia and parts of South Asia.

In a concession, Trump even spoke about the possibility of re-engaging with the Trans Pacific Partnership ― a sure sign that the weakness of Washington and the strength of China are beginning to sink in.

And as the Trump administration edges closer and closer to war with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and potentially with China and even possibly Russia, it will need the backing or at least the neutrality of European imperialism.

Neither imperialist camp ― the U.S. or Europe ― is capable of dealing with the oppressed and the working class of the world without the other. Neither camp is capable of reining in the inter-imperialist antagonisms or of keeping a war from breaking out that could destabilize the capitalist, imperialist system. Trump, of course, may revert quickly to his old arrogance. But, for the moment, that is what accounts for Trump’s “moderate” behavior at Davos.

Trump’s DACA proposal: a white-supremacist hostage bill

Before going to Davos, Trump announced he had a proposal that would solve the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals crisis by giving a path to citizenship for 1.8 million Dreamers and for people eligible to be Dreamers but who had never signed up. These young immigrants would get a so-called path to citizenship over a period of 12 years.

However, the Trump proposal, called the Dream Act, also demands $30 billion for his border wall. And it would sharply curtail family reunification immigration, a major component of legal immigration, by excluding the parents of Dreamers from any legalization. It also shuts down the system that each year allows some 55,000 people from all regions of the world to get visas to enter the U.S. on a lottery basis.

The White House proposal would limit family sponsorship to spouses and minor children. It would eliminate a number of existing categories, including adult children, both married and unmarried; parents of adult U.S. citizens; and siblings of adult U.S. citizens. Experts have estimated that cutting these categories would reduce the roughly 1 million green cards given out yearly by 25 to 50 percent.

A document obtained by CNN goes into more detail: “The framework [of the bill] could allow detaining individuals indefinitely as they await deportation for months and years ― something that has been curtailed as the result of constitutional concerns from courts. The proposals could also vastly expand the definitions of criminal offenses that could subject an individual to deportation.” (Jan. 26)

The immigrant rights movement and representatives of the Dreamers have denounced the Trump proposal, refusing to put other immigrants at risk in order to get a bill for themselves.

Greisa Martinez Rosas, advocacy director for United We Dream and a potential beneficiary of the Dream Act, commented: “Let’s call this proposal for what it is: a white supremacist ransom note. Trump and Stephen Miller killed DACA and created the crisis that immigrant youth are facing. They have taken immigrant youth hostage, pitting us against our own parents, Black immigrants and our communities in exchange for our dignity.

“To Miller and Trump’s white supremacist proposal, immigrant youth say: No.” (, Jan. 25)

DACA-recipient Juan Escalante, in a release from America’s Voice, wrote: “It’s no secret that Miller, along with Gen. John ‘Adult in the Room’ Kelly, has been penning some of the most heinous immigration policies coming out of the White House. One might even wonder if Miller and Kelly, not President Donald Trump, are running the government from the sidelines ― exploiting Trump’s short attention span. …

“What the White House is selling the American people is nothing but a nativist wish list that would reduce the number of immigrants, especially people of color born in countries that Trump considers ‘shitholes.’” (Jan. 26)

Trump, Mueller: bourgeois legality vs. mass struggle

Inside the Davos meeting hall, Trump was besieged with questions about how he tried to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading a criminal investigation into Trump’s relationship to Russia and his financial connections to the Russian oligarchs. Trump branded the charges as “fake news.”

But according to the New York Times of Jan. 26, Trump ordered his attorney, Don McGahn, to fire Mueller last June. McGahn, fearing his own criminal liability, refused the order. The number of witnesses interviewed led even Fox News to confirm the story.

The story has been the subject of endless network talk shows, news shows and the capitalist press.

The thrust of the discussion is that the attempted firing of Mueller fits in with Trump’s efforts to get FBI head James Comey to go easy on National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. When Comey refused to do so, Trump fired him.

The anti-Trump moderates and liberals are going over and over the various possible legal violations, procedural violations, violations of protocol, etc., that Trump has committed.

However, they won’t fight him politically for his racism, his misogyny, his militaristic jingoism, his threats of nuclear war, his anti-immigrant chauvinism, his support for voter suppression, etc. When they talk about undermining “our democracy,” they always refer to the Russians allegedly interfering with the elections. But they do not bring up the most serious interference with capitalist democracy: voter suppression.

Millions of African Americans, Latinx, Native people and poor whites have been kept from voting because of photo ID laws, redistricting to reduce the weight of the vote in poor neighborhoods and urban areas, shutting down polling stations, disqualifying people with felony convictions, etc.

All the bourgeois commentators keep referring back to the resignation of Richard Nixon, who faced impeachment over the Watergate break-in. But so far Trump has given no indication that he would honor bourgeois legality. Furthermore, the House of Representatives is far to the right, and it is the House that would be charged with initiating impeachment proceedings.

These commentators and the Democratic Party leadership repeat over and over again that Russia tried to “subvert our democracy.” Whatever Putin did or did not do, the democracy in this country is a very restricted version of capitalist democracy. The capitalist class has access to all the levers of government, communications, and the powers of the state. It is their democracy. What democratic rights exist for the workers and the oppressed within this suffocating capitalist system have been fought for, often with blood, for generations.

African Americans have fought for civil rights. Labor unions have fought for workers’ rights. Women have fought equality. So has the LGBTQ community, from the uprising at Stonewall to all the battles that followed. Immigrants have battled against deportations, disabled people have struggled for accessibility, and so on.

Yet no matter what rights the workers and oppressed have won under capitalist society, these rights are truncated, narrowly confined and under constant attack. The bosses are the ones who are in a constant struggle to take back the democratic rights the working class and oppressed have won.

Class-conscious workers should not fall for this phony pro-war investigation of Russia to get leverage against Trump. What we need is a massive movement to push back the entire right-wing Trump agenda and challenge the cops, ICE and the FBI who are oppressors of the people.

We do not benefit when one faction of the ruling class removes another faction if the masses sit idly by.

Trump y la clase dominante, de Davos a DACA y Mueller

29 de enero – Donald Trump, el jefe ejecutivo racista, intolerante, autoritario y derechista del imperialismo estadounidense, quien es despreciado por las/os trabajadores y las masas oprimidas del mundo, estuvo operando en varios frentes la semana pasada.

Trump fue a Davos, Suiza, para asistir a una reunión de millonarios y multimillonarios. Los representantes de la clase dominante europea jugaron con su ego, halagándolo y tratándolo como un emperador.

Al mismo tiempo que se codeaba alrededor de Davos, frotando hombros con otros miembros de la clase dominante, los dos halcones inmigratorios de Trump, General John Kelly – jefe de gabinete – y Stephen Miller – asesor, estaban en Washington trabajando en su draconiana propuesta de inmigración, el punitivo proyecto de ley que ha sido denunciado por el movimiento de inmigrantes como una ley de rehenes de “supremacía blanca”.

Cuando Trump aterrizó en Davos, fue confrontado por los cargos, corroborados por numerosas fuentes de noticias, de que había intentado despedir ilegalmente al asesor especial Robert Mueller en junio pasado. Su respuesta: “Noticias falsas”.

Sin embargo, los banqueros europeos le dieron a Trump un tratamiento de realeza, siguiendo el ejemplo de los príncipes saudíes que proporcionaron un  grupo de músicos para tocar para él cuando ingresó en la sala de conferencias. Fue elogiado por los financistas corporativos por sus recortes de impuestos y desregulación, que elevaron los precios de sus acciones. Corporate Europe organizó una cena para él con los jefes de las 15 principales corporaciones europeas.

Su objetivo era aplacar a Trump lo suficiente como para evitar que lanzara un ataque contra los imperialistas europeos, la Unión Europea y la OTAN, los tradicionales sacos de arena de su arrogancia chovinista e imperialista. En esto, tuvieron mucho éxito. Trump mantuvo un discurso suave de 15 minutos redactado por sus manejadores. Pero fue abucheado cuando se salió del guión y denunció a la “prensa mentirosa”.

Trump tomó crédito personal por el aumento en el mercado bursátil y los recortes de impuestos. Sin duda, los bonistas parásitos europeos estaban eufóricos. La línea clave de Trump era “Estados Unidos está abierto para los negocios”, con el objetivo de atraer a los inversores europeos a sacar provecho de las bajas tasas impositivas y las regulaciones mínimas.

El discurso de Trump en Davos es un signo de debilidad

Su discurso en Davos fue un intento de volver parcialmente al redil imperialista sin alejarse completamente de su arrogancia nacionalista, prepotente y reaccionaria. Trató de asegurar a la audiencia que “América Primero no quiere decir sola”.

No es que Trump haya tenido alguna conversión interna de su chauvinismo de gran poder. Más bien, se están iluminando aquellos en el campo de Trump que al romper la alianza entre EUA y Europa, ha debilitado todo el campo imperialista en ambos lados del Atlántico, especialmente en el lado de los EUA.

El Pentágono necesita a la OTAN, junto con el imperialismo alemán y francés, en su lucha por subordinar a Rusia y completar la conquista de Ucrania. El Pentágono y el Departamento de Estado necesitan la colaboración del imperialismo francés y británico en África, donde ambas antiguas potencias coloniales tienen profundas raíces. Y Trump necesita la cooperación del imperialismo europeo si espera socavar el tratado nuclear de Irán.

Ninguno de los dos bandos puede lidiar con la parte socialista, planificada por el estado, de la expansión económica, comercial y diplomática de China. China está progresando constantemente con su proyecto Iniciativa del Cinturón y Ruta de la Seda para establecer una red internacional de ferrocarriles, carreteras, oleoductos y redes de servicios públicos que vinculen a China con Asia central, Asia occidental y partes de Asia meridional.

En una concesión, Trump incluso habló sobre la posibilidad de volver a comprometerse con la Alianza Trans Pacífica, una señal segura de que la fortaleza de China y la debilidad de Washington están comenzando a evidenciarse.

Y a medida en que la administración Trump se acerque cada vez más a la guerra con la República Popular Democrática de Corea, y potencialmente con China e incluso posiblemente Rusia, necesitará el respaldo o al menos la neutralidad del imperialismo europeo.

Ninguno de los campos imperialistas –EUA ni Europa – es capaz de tratar con las/os oprimidos y la clase trabajadora del mundo, sin el otro. Ninguno de los dos bandos es capaz de contener los antagonismos inter-imperialistas o evitar que estalle una guerra que pueda desestabilizar el sistema imperialista capitalista. Trump, por supuesto, puede volver rápidamente a su vieja arrogancia. Pero, por el momento, eso es lo que explica el comportamiento “moderado” de Trump en Davos.

Propuesta DACA de Trump: ley de rehenes de supremacía blanca

Antes de irse a Davos, Trump anunció que tenía una propuesta que resolvería la crisis de la Acción Diferida para los Llegados en la Infancia (DACA por las siglas en inglés) ofreciendo un camino a la ciudadanía para 1,8 millones de Soñadores (Dreamers) y para personas elegibles para ser Soñadores pero que nunca se habían registrado. Estas/os jóvenes inmigrantes obtendrían un “camino hacia la ciudadanía” en un período de 12 años.

Sin embargo, la propuesta de Trump, llamada Dream Act, también exige $30 mil millones para su muro fronterizo. Y reduciría drásticamente la inmigración para la reunificación familiar – un componente principal de la inmigración legal  – al excluir de cualquier legalización a los padres de Soñadores. También cierra el sistema que cada año permite que unas 55.000 personas de todas las regiones del mundo obtengan visas para ingresar a EUA en forma de lotería.

La propuesta de la Casa Blanca limitaría el patrocinio familiar a cónyuges e hijas/os menores. Eliminaría una serie de categorías existentes, incluidos hijas/os adultos, tanto casados ​​como solteros; padres de ciudadanos estadounidenses adultos; y hermanas/os de ciudadanos estadounidenses adultos. Los expertos han estimado que reducir estas categorías reduciría aproximadamente el millón de tarjetas verdes entregadas cada año en un 25 a 50 por ciento.

Un documento obtenido por CNN entra en más detalles: “El marco [del proyecto de ley] podría permitir detener a personas indefinidamente mientras esperan la deportación durante meses y años, algo que se ha reducido como resultado de las preocupaciones constitucionales en los tribunales. Las propuestas también podrían ampliar enormemente las definiciones de delitos que podrían someter a un individuo a la deportación”. (26 de enero)

El movimiento por los derechos de las/os inmigrantes y las/os representantes de los Soñadores han denunciado la propuesta de Trump, negándose a poner a otras/os inmigrantes en riesgo con el fin de obtener un beneficio para ellas/os.

Greisa Martínez Rosas, directora de defensa de United We Dream y beneficiaria potencial del Dream Act, comentó: “Llamemos a esta propuesta por lo que es: una nota de rescate de la supremacía blanca. Trump y Stephen Miller mataron al DACA y crearon la crisis que enfrentan las/os jóvenes inmigrantes. Han tomado a jóvenes inmigrantes como rehenes, enfrentándonos contra nuestros propios padres, inmigrantes negros y nuestras comunidades a cambio de nuestra dignidad.

“Para la propuesta de supremacía blanca de Miller y Trump, los jóvenes inmigrantes decimos: No”. (, 25 de enero)

El destinatario de DACA, Juan Escalante, en un comunicado de America’s Voice, escribió: “No es ningún secreto que Miller, junto con el General John ‘el adulto en el salón’ Kelly, ha estado redactando algunas de las políticas de inmigración más atroces que salen de la Casa Blanca. Uno incluso podría preguntarse si Miller y Kelly, y no el presidente Donald Trump, están dirigiendo el gobierno por el lado, explotando el corto período de atención de Trump. …

“Lo que la Casa Blanca está vendiendo al pueblo estadounidense no es más que una lista de deseos que reduciría la cantidad de inmigrantes, especialmente personas de color nacidas en países que Trump considera ‘letrinas’”. (26 de enero)

Trump y Mueller: legalidad burguesa vs. lucha de masas

Dentro de la sala de reuniones de Davos, Trump fue acosado con preguntas sobre cómo trató de despedir al asesor especial Robert Mueller, que lidera una investigación criminal sobre la relación de Trump con Rusia y sus conexiones financieras con los oligarcas rusos. Trump catalogó los cargos como “noticias falsas”.

Pero según el New York Times del 26 de enero, Trump ordenó a su abogado, Don McGahn, despedir a Mueller en junio pasado. McGahn, temiendo su propia responsabilidad legal, rechazó la orden. La cantidad de testigos entrevistados llevó incluso a Fox News a confirmar la historia.

La historia ha sido objeto de interminables programas de entrevistas en la red, programas de noticias y la prensa capitalista.

El objetivo de la discusión es que el intento de despido de Mueller concuerda con los esfuerzos de Trump para lograr que el jefe del FBI James Comey no fuera duro con el asesor de seguridad nacional Michael Flynn. Cuando Comey se negó, Trump lo despidió.

Los moderados y liberales anti-Trump están analizando una y otra vez las diversas posibles violaciones legales, violaciones de procedimientos, violaciones del protocolo, etc., que Trump ha cometido.

Sin embargo, no lo combatirán políticamente por su racismo, su misoginia, su patriotería militarista, sus amenazas de guerra nuclear, su chauvinismo antiinmigrante, su apoyo a la supresión de votantes, etc. Cuando hablan de socavar “nuestra democracia”, siempre se refieren a que los rusos supuestamente interfieren con las elecciones. Pero no plantean la interferencia más seria con la democracia capitalista: la supresión de las/os votantes.

Millones de afroamericanas/os, latinas/os, nativas/os y blancas/os pobres no han podido votar debido a las leyes de identificación con foto, la redistribución de distritos para reducir el peso del voto en barrios pobres y áreas urbanas, el cierre de casillas electorales, la descalificación de personas con condenas por delitos graves, etc.

Todos los comentaristas burgueses siguen refiriéndose a la renuncia de Richard Nixon, que se enfrentó a un juicio político por el allanamiento de Watergate. Pero hasta ahora Trump no ha dado indicios de que honre la legalidad burguesa. Además, la Cámara de Representantes está muy a la derecha, y es ésta Cámara la que se encargaría de iniciar el proceso de acusación.

Estos comentaristas y la dirección del Partido Demócrata repiten una y otra vez que Rusia trató de “subvertir nuestra democracia”. Sea lo que sea que Putin hizo o dejó de hacer, la democracia en este país es una versión muy restringida de la democracia capitalista. La clase capitalista tiene acceso a todos los niveles del gobierno, las comunicaciones y los poderes del estado. Es su democracia. Los derechos democráticos que existen para las/os trabajadores y las/os oprimidos dentro de este sofocante sistema capitalista se han luchado, a menudo con sangre, por generaciones.

Las/os afroamericanos han luchado por los derechos civiles. Los sindicatos han luchado por los derechos de las/os trabajadores. Las mujeres han luchado por la igualdad. También lo ha hecho la comunidad LGBTQ, desde el levantamiento en Stonewall hasta todas las batallas que siguieron. Las/os inmigrantes han luchado contra las deportaciones, las personas con discapacidad han luchado por la accesibilidad, y así sucesivamente.

Sin embargo, no importa qué derechos hayan ganado las/os trabajadores y las/os oprimidos bajo la sociedad capitalista, estos derechos se truncan, se limitan estrechamente y se les ataca constantemente. Los patronos son los que están en una lucha constante para desechar los derechos democráticos que la clase trabajadora y las/os oprimidos han ganado.

Las/os trabajadores con conciencia de clase no deberían caer en esta falsa investigación a favor de la guerra de Rusia para obtener influencia contra Trump. Lo que necesitamos es un movimiento masivo para hacer retroceder toda la agenda derechista de Trump y desafiar a la policía, el ICE y el FBI que son opresores del pueblo.

No nos beneficiamos cuando una facción de la clase dominante elimina otra facción si las masas se quedan sentadas indolentemente.