About Fred Goldstein

Fred Goldstein Photo Credit: Liz Green

Photo Credit: Liz Green

Fred Goldstein is a contributing editor to Workers World newspaper. He has been an activist in the working class struggle for 55 years. He was co-organizer of the first demonstration in the U.S. against the Vietnam War by Youth Against War and Fascism in 1962. He was also an organizer of the first demonstration in the U.S. in solidarity with the Palestinian people and to protest Israeli aggression during the June 1967 war in the Middle East.

During the 1960s, 70s and 80s he participated in numerous struggles on many fronts, including defense of the Cuban revolution and support of the right of armed self-defense by Robert Williams against KKK violence in North Carolina. He participated in defense of the Black Panther Party, the Young Lords, the Attica rebellion, GI resistance against the Vietnam war, defense of the women’s liberation movement, the LBGT struggle and many more.

In the 1990s he concentrated on revolutionary journalism and political analysis of international and domestic events while also participating in the struggle against the dismemberment of Yugoslavia and the Iraq wars. He is the author of two books, Low-Wage Capitalism and Capitalism at a Dead End. Both books bring the tools of Marxism to analyze the post-Soviet era of capitalism, including the era of capitalist globalization and the period beginning with the financial and economic crisis beginning in 2007.

His writings have been widely published in the U.S. and internationally in English and Spanish.