on Historical Materialism

Class using readings from “Capitalism at a Dead End” and Workers World Newspaper articles by Fred Goldstein.

The Crisis in Greece

The Election of Syriza and the Anti-Austerity Struggle. A Marxist working class analysis on fighting the bankers.

Long Beach Community College

Fred Goldstein, author of Low Wage Capitalism, presents his thoughts on the question: Is Marxism relevant to understanding contemporary social and economic trends in globalization. This lecture was given Wednesday, April 13, 2011.

The USSR and the U.S. Working Class

Fred Goldstein, author “Low-Wage Capitalism” and leader of Workers World Party, explains how the collapse of the USSR affected politics in the U.S. and greatly hurt U.S. workers. He explains this in the context of the current debate about Obama’s healthcare reform bill.

Global Low-Wage Capitalism

Fred Goldstein talks of his new book “Low-Wage Capitalism” with a compelling analysis of global corporate capitalism, a system demonstrably unfair, irrational, and painfully unstable.